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Sant' Agata Villas

The Sant’ Agata Villas are built in a warm, rustic traditional stone, they are nestled in the beautiful Paliki Peninsula with stunning views of the famous Xi beach and its sumptuous coastline.

These unique villas are ideally located in Mantzavinata village one of the southernmost villages in Kefalonia. It forms part of the idyllic Ionian Islands where the famous Mantzavino Wine was produced. Mantzavinata has three churches and a small quaint town square called Lemonata. A fabulous wine festival is held each August in Mantzavinata. Enjoy, relax and unwind in the luxury villas away from the crowds where time slows down giving you ample opportunity to find peace, relaxation and tranquility under the clear Kefalonian sky, soak up the sun and enjoy the very best nature has to offer.

The Sant' Agata Villas

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2. Artemis = The goddess of wild animals, hunt, and vegetation, and of chastity and childbirth.

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Covid-19 Safety

Sant’ Agata Villas feature 4 separate and private villas of 110 sq.m. each, therefore social distancing can be kept easily.
We have taken care that before check-in each villa is thoroughly disinfected. Our housekeeping takes all precautions and will only enter upon request of our guest.
Extra services are offered such as organizing and delivering groceries to our guests.
Sant’ Agata Villas is the ideal place to be, totally in the country side of Lixouri – Kefalonia with big windows allowing the continuous fresh sea breeze to enter the villa.
Let us offer you unforgettable and relaxing holidays in a safe environment with all the comforts of a house under the Kefalonian Sky!
Feel free to discuss with us any help or extra service we can offer, for you just to relax and enjoy your holidays.

Relax and Enjoy your Holiday

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