Under the wild pear tree.....

Sant' Agata Villas is a brand new family establishment that has just been accomplished and opens up for the first time during season 2020.

Our family has been working in the tourist industry for many years and we made the decision to create a small accommodation that will offer unforgettable relaxing holidays with our personal touch.


The villas are built with a rustic local stone at the exterior and a modern country look is kept within. We wanted our guests to enter the villas and sense the warmth of a home, being and feeling comfortable. We wanted the villas to be practical for the everyday use by either a family or a couple or a group of friends giving everybody the feeling of privacy and luxury at the same time.


Let us welcome you “Under the wild pear tree….” and tell you our story.


Let us share with you our passion for hospitality.

About Villas

1. Aphrodite = The Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.
2. Artemis = The goddess of wild animals, hunt, and vegetation, and of chastity and childbirth.
3. Athena = the protectress of Athens city, goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason.
4. Atalanti = was a character in Greek mythology, a virgin huntress, unwilling to marry, and loved by the hero Meleager.


All Villas have exceptional views over the valley and the most famous and awarded Xi Beach coast line.
Each one is of a 110 sq.m. with 2 bedrooms and their en-suite bathrooms. One room features a King size bed and the other room two single beds.
The area of the living room can either be used as a sitting area or an extra 2 persons can be welcomed having also a third bathroom to make 6 guests feel comfortable.
Fully equipped kitchen. Outside terraces next to their private pool and garden.

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